Thelsikar’s Ambition: Introduction

“Thesikar’s Ambition” is the name of my current Pathfinder campaign.  Thelsikar is a villain in the background of the introductory adventure in the Beginner Box.  I decided that as Human Cleric of Lamashtu, he wanted to be transformed into a monster.  He was gathering monster allies to learn how to do that.  His first ally was Black Fang, the dragon from the introductory adventure.

On the advice of the Beginner Box GM’s guide, I expanded Black Fang’s dungeon for the second adventure of the campaign.  My outline was no great shakes, a standard dungeon adventure with low CR monsters.  The boss fight was with a Bugbear tormentor.  Here was where things began to get interesting.  I incorporated the back story of one of the player characters into the description of the room.  There was a dead Goblin, killed by a Halfling prisoner who had escaped.  The Halfling was the brother of the player character Monk.

I had to restrain myself from including the skeleton of a Drow with two rusty scimitars clutched in its bony fingers.  Yes, I loathe a certain popular Drow Ranger from the setting of Pathfinder’s predecessor system.

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