On Pathfinder

I have to apologize for not posting this sooner.  I had a busy weekend starting Friday afternoon.  I had to spend the weekend through today cleaning and organizing my living space.

This is a companion piece to the previous post.  :Pathfinder, aka Dungeons & Dragons 3.75 is the other major game system I have been involved with relatively recently.  After years of seeing Pathfinder books on the shelves of my Friendly Local Game Store, I decided to buy the Pathfinder Core Rulebook in December of 2012.  I was immediately struck by how cool the character content was and how much more fun it was to create a character than it had been for Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

After asking another player in the role-playing game association I  belonged to about Pathfinder Society Organized Play, I decided to show up for the next Pathfinder Society event.  I used a pre-generated version of Valeros, the iconic Pathfinder Fighter.  I played through a scenario set in Riddleport.  It involved countering a manipulation scheme by the Aspis Consortium.  I played through the encounters and mostly had fun.  The encounters were challenging, which is consistent with other adventures I have read by Paizo.  I was afraid my character was in real danger during the adventure.  The final encounter was with the leaders of the group the Aspis Consortium was targeting.  It was a role-playing encounter which was less tense than the combat encounters in the scenario.

Still, I was interested in Pathfinder and I wanted to play more and play better.  I bought a copy of the Beginner Box and devoured the contents.

Then I played in a second :Pathfinder Society Scenario.  It was the first level of the then newly-released Thornkeep.  I have never played through a more difficult adventure.  The boss encounter of the module was an almost-guaranteed TPK.

Those two scenarios were my worst experiences related to Pathfinder.  I did sign up at the Paizo site after I played them.  I have rarely read or posted in the Paizo forums.  The posts have topics which just don’t interest me, but that has nothing directly to do with Paizo and is only my personal perception of the posts there.  The exception is Liz Court’s new product announcements.  I dig those.

I am a member of a Pathfinder fan site on Facebook.  I’ve generally had good experiences interacting with that community.  The worst response I’ve gotten to one of my posts is to have it ignored.

In March of 2013, after reading through the introductory adventure in the Beginner Box and talking with some players in the role-playing game group I belong to, I ran that adventure.  Both the players and I had fun, so I decided to continue the adventure as suggested in the Beginner Box and I began a campaign.

I have never been this creatively stimulated by a role-playing game system as I was by Pathfinder.  The support materials and the campaign setting published by Paizo provided me with enough options and enough detail that I was able to easily create and run adventures like never before.

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