Review: The Four Horsemen Present Young Character Options

I am doing this review at the suggestion of BJ Hensley.  Ms. Hensley is the designer of Young Character Options and it was a recent conversation I had with her via Facebook which suggested to me that I ought to do reviews on this blog.

Young Character Options is a fifteen page PDF.  One page is the cover, one page is the credits and one page is the OGL.  That leaves twelve pages of content.

The first bit of content which stood out for me was a sidebar on page five entitled “Young Characters”.  The sly references to young characters in popular fiction had me laughing out loud, which is a rare event for me when reading Pathfinder content.

The introduction includes advice on how to integrate young characters into your fantasy setting, making the point of talking it over with your players about whether or not young characters would be appropriate in your campaign.  The introduction continues with a description of how each of the core Pathfinder races raises children.

The next major section is “life paths”, concepts for how a young character could possess abilities beyond their years, starting with “Old Souls” and ending with the “Orphan-Rogue”, aka “Street Rat”.

The next section is a one-page listing of Young Character Traits, including advice on dumping the Ultimate Campaign rules for young characters in favor of the guidelines presented in this supplement.

The next two pages present Young Character Feats, or how to model the abilities of an exceptional child adventurer.

The supplement wraps up with six pages of Young Character Archetypes.  I have less to say about this because I have never played the classes in Pathfinder for these Archetypes.  On the other hand, three years of study of Pathfinder rules suggests to me there is nothing mechanically out of whack with this section.

All in all, this is a useful and fun supplement for those who want to add exceptional young characters to their campaigns and explore the potential such characters have.  There are no technical flaws in the PDF I downloaded.  The text is written in clear, easy-to-understand language.  The crunch, given my relative inexperience with Pathfinder, does not display any kind of error that I could spot.

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