Thesikar’s Ambition: Setting Addition

This morning I had an inspiration.  I could use a recent supplement to add useful detail to my description of Sandpoint in Thelsikar’s Ambition.  Link:  Young Character Options.  It’s from The Four Horsemen via Rogue Genius Games.

As part of the changes to Sandpoint in my campaign, the player characters have donating part of their income to a monthly stipend for Turandok Academy.  I feel that a sensible consequence of this action would be the presence of exceptional children who go to the Academy.  I have to be careful about the introduction of this kind of character to my campaign.  One of the players has objected when I introduce something that’s even a little strange or humorous to my campaigns.  I feel that young characters like this would be a fun option to add to the setting with the possibility for more role-playing opportunities.

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