Goodreads Update

I haven’t written about my Goodreads account activity for a while.  Joining Goodreads and getting involved in compiling lists of books is what got this blog started in the first place.

I still add at least one book a day to my list.  I’m only slowing down because I’m reading more books.  I have a total of 281 books listed.  Of that, 186 are books I’ve read.  I currently have nine listed as “reading”.  I am not actually reading nine books at the same time.  These are books I have found scattered around my place that I have set aside.  I have 86 books to read.  At my common pace of three books a month, that will take me two years, four and two-thirds months to finish.

I decided to take the 2016 reading challenge on the site, since I wanted to read more books this year than in the recent past.  I feel better when I read.  I find it stimulating, whether it’s fact or fiction.  I set it for 36 books.  I have read nine books so far this year.  I got distracted from reading the current book I’m on, an H.P. Lovecraft story collection.  Since March 7th, I have been reading and writing Pathfinder content.


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