On the Pathfinder Society and Individual Pathfinders

I’ve been reflecting on the Pathfinder Society in the Golarion setting and what I’ve read about individual Pathfinders.

I was initially interested in Pathfinders and the Society when I bought the Core Rulebook and read the description of the Pathfinder Chronicler prestige class.  That turned to disgust when I read Pathfinder Chronicles:  Seeker of Secrets.  The initial concept of the Pathfinder Society was fine with me.  The structures which have grown up around it and the people who have joined it since then put me off, emotionally.  I have no interest in having my Pathfinder game characters interact with a venture-captain, or worse, follow the dictates of the Decemvirate.

Pathfinder characters, from the fiction I have read in the first issue of Wayfinder, are insanely reckless and foolhardy.  The most likely result of a Pathfinder investigation is a thoroughly-dead Pathfinder.

So, that result obtains in my Thelsikar’s Ambition campaign setting.  A Pathfinder who sticks their nose into Thelsikar’s activities in Varisia is going to result in a dead Pathfinder.

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Pathfinder Campaign Arc: Riddles in Port, Pirates and Drow, Part II

Well, another blogger on WordPress liked my post about my second-planned Pathfinder campaign arc, so I thought I’d write a bit more about it than just the outline burp I did the first time.

I decided to do a pirate-themed arc because one of the other players, the guy who plays Ibin, the Elf Rogue, wanted to play a pirate in Pathfinder.  I checked out the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path, but that had problems.  First of all, there isn’t much fun pirating to start it off.  Second, the first dungeon is designed to kill the player character party outright.  Flooded dungeons mean the Game Master is trying to kill your character.  Not cool.  Second, I checked out the Freeport Companion as an option.  That also had problems.  First of all, there are layout and editing errors.  Second, there are legacy errors from the 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons.  It appears text was cut and pasted into the document from an earlier version of the book.  Third, there are some downright revolting elements to the thematic fluff of the book.

So, that left me looking at the Paizo Pathfinder catalog, looking for something in the Varisia area which had pirates in it.  Riddleport.  Bingo!  A more wretched hive of scum and villainy you will never find in known Varisia.  With pirates, that is.  What goes on in Kaer Maga stays in Kaer Maga.

I’m a bit like Blizzard, when it comes to creating Pathfinder content.  No, I’m not a multi-billion dollar corporation who is obsessed with cows.  😉  I mean, I’m terrible at coming up with completely original material.  I work best when I take elements from a variety of other sources and remix them to come up with something new.

This time, to give the Riddleport arc some oomph, I decided that I would take inspiration from the Pathfinder Adventure Path called Second Darkness.  It’s set in Riddleport, has a serious case of doom and gloom and the threat of a Drow invasion.  Perfect!  My next step is to buy the players’ guide and the actual adventure path PDFs next, so I can pillage them for content to adapt.  I can fit the Players Guide into my PDF budget for next month, so I plan to do so.

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Pathfinder Campaign Arc: Riddles in Port, Pirates and Drow

It’s a bit of a blur, and I think two weekends ago I wrote the outline material for the second campaign arc of my monthly Pathfinder campaign.  I intend to keep running it until the players meet their character goals or get bored with it.  I’m pretty sure that creature Challenge Ratings go up to 30, so it’ll be a while before they are no longer challenged by encounters.  Their current Average Party Level is 6.

Here’s what I have so far:

Second Campaign Arc Title:  “Riddles in Port, Pirates and Drow”

Theme:  Urban and Water Pirate activity and Drow invasion

Outline:  Having done for Thelsikar, the player characters move to Riddleport to become pirates.



Pirates clash with the newcomer player characters- Being set up

Drow invade the surface world- Being set up



Who are the Drow and where are they coming from?-  Being set up

Who are the rival pirate crews?- Being set up


Campaign Elements


Important Locations


Varisian Gulf

Roderick’s Cove

Devil’s Elbow



Important Organizations

Council of the Overlord and Crime Lords

Order of the Cyphers

Remnants of Thelsikar’s Lamashtu Cult

Glory’s Cult of Nurgal



Rival Pirates

Drow Invaders

Nualia and other survivors of Thelsikar’s Lamashtu Cult

Recurring NPCs

Overlord Gaston Cromarcky of Riddleport

Elias Tammerhawk of the Order of the Cyphers

Jess Gildersleeve, Mayor or Roderick’s Cove



Erevan- Elf Wizard

Carangal- Half-Elf Ranger

Aerodus Baradin- Human Cleric of Abadar based in Magnimar, potential ally



Goblins (with class levels), Drow (with class levels), Erinyes,  Giant Octopus, Gorgon, Greater Shadow, Green Dragon (Young, Churlwood), Mhorg, Nabasu (Demon), Ogre Mage (Calphiak Mountains), Stone Giants (Calphiak Mountains), Treant (Churlwood),  Tieflings (with class levels)

Other Population of Riddleport

Aasimar (ether good or evil), Catfolk, Dhampirs, Drow(? Hidden, spies or outcasts), Fetchlings, Goblins, Hobgoblins (outcasts and mercenary companies), Ifrits, Kobolds (survivors, spies from Churlwood), Orcs (outcasts and mercenary companies), Ratfolk, Sylphs, Tengus, Tieflings, Undines, Changelings, Duergar (?), Gillmen, Kitsune(!), Merfolk, Nagaji, Samsarans, Sulis,  Vishkanyas, Driders (potential shock troops of the invasion), Gargoyles, Gathlain (deep in the Churlwood), Trox (bodyguards and thugs), Wyrwood, Wyvarians (from Churlwood).  On average, there are four individuals from each race in the city at any time.

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