Thelsikar’s Ambition: The Abyss of Kaer Maga

I’m starting to run out of material that I have prepared ahead of time leading to the climax of the Thelsikar’s Ambition campaign arc climax.  I am continuing to add encounters areas to Scrags from the Sea during this time.  That adventure outline is turning out to be creepily atmospheric.  I have renamed the next adventure The Hills Have Ogres, because there weren’t any Ettins in it by the time I wrote the summary.  Next comes the climactic adventure, The Abyss of Kaer Maga.  It’s actually a series of urban adventures tied together with wilderness encounters along a caravan route.

Adventure Summary:  The player characters travel across the Varisian wilderness via road to Kaer Maga for a final confrontation with Thelsikar and his Cult.  It is an eight-hundred mile journey along the Yondabakari Varisian caravan route.  It is journey of 27 days, 13 hours at a human’s foot travel speed.  There are multiple towns along the way which can serve as stopping, adventure or rest points.  The motivation to go to Kaer Maga is a series of incidents in urban centers along the Yondabakari caravan route, indicating the spread of the influence of Thelsikar’s monster allies, his cultists and his lieutenants.

That’s right.  Thelsikar’s Cult of Lamashtu is a bad meme and it’s spreading bad craziness all the way from Sandpoint to Kaer Maga, the home base of the cult.

Looking at it, this adventure could take months to complete because each urban center is likely to be fleshed out into a fully described settlement.  That means ten encounters, like the outline of the island thorpe in Grubber’s Hermitage.  Ten encounters takes an entire session for the group I run to play through.

So far I have outlined four adventure summaries and I’m only about halfway to Kaer Maga, the City of Strangers, aka the City of Extreme Weirdness.

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