Thelsikar’s Ambition: Minotaur Raid

I’ve reached the end of describing the adventure outlines I’ve already run.  This post is on an adventure outlined I plan to run when I revive my dormant Pathfinder campaign.  It’s technically Depths of the Pit Part 4.  I plan to continue to add levels to the Pit to meet the needs of the campaign.

I give simple names to my adventures as a reminder of the main content of the adventure.  In this case, Thelsikar has allied with yet another group of monsters and convinced them to attack farms in the Sandpoint Hinterlands.  Like Minotaurs needed much of a push to do that?

This is the first adventure for which I have generated random weather.  The generator I use creates material for an entire month.  Don’t think I’ll need it.  Probably won’t need more than a few day’s of it.

The Downtime notes run for about a page and a half.

The juiciest bit is this rumor I have planted in an attempt to tie more of the campaign activity into the city of Magnimar.  I’ve read the supplement Magnimar, City of Monuments.  It’s cool and I want to use that material:


A cleric of Abadar,a representative of the Cathedral of Abadar in Magnimar, is in Sandpoint.  This is Aerodus Baradin.  He is looking for an interview with Glory and Ibin about Thelsikar’s Cult’s attacks on Sandpoint and nearby.  It is a DC 10 Diplomacy Check to find this out, with +2 on the die roll because of Sandpoint’s Gossipy Citizens.

I’ve long been using Diplomacy Checks to gather information on rumors in town.  It’s how I plan plot hooks and give depth to the imagined life of the town.

For the first time in an adventure outline, I have listed random magic items available in town with the amounts appropriate for a settlement the size of Sandpoint.

I have also included a random wilderness encounter chance for the first time in an adventure outline.  The players must travel some distance overland to get to the Pit or a Sandpoint Hinterlands farm to investigate.

The adventure site key is the most extensive and detailed one I have written yet, sprawling over four pages.  It is a dungeon, a minotaur maze.  Each room has an evocative description to help the players imagine what the room is like.  For the first time I have included a trapped room, which is optional to enter.  Also for the first time, I have included a puzzle, a clue and mechanism for opening a secret door.  This is one of the few secret rooms I’ve put in a dungeon.  It has clues to the nature of one of Thelsikar’s lieutenants, Nualia, borrowed from Rise of the Runelords.

The boss monster fight for this adventure is set at CR 8, a Hard Encounter for the party.  It will be the toughest encounter I have ever included in an adventure.

As a side note, I also included an Otyugh as an encounter.  I find them humorous.

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