Thelsikar’s Ambition: Depths of the Pit Part 2

For the second level of the Pit, I generated a random menu from the donjon site.  I added one of Ameiko’s special meals to the menu, since I think her cooking experiments are funny.  This time it was haggis.

For the adventure outline, I added a description of the seasonal weather.  It had no detailed games effects.  It was mostly for atmosphere.

For this adventure, I began writing multiple entries for downtime events.  I wasn’t following the downtime system from Ultimate Campaign.  I was only inspired by it to use that structure.

I completely invented a younger brother for Ameiko, who her father used to try to pressure her into closing the Rusty Dragon.  The player’s response to that was to go to the Glassworks and lean on her brother.  The Half-Orc Barbarian, run by a new player, was particularly effective.

I also recycled an unused plot point from an earlier adventure outline.  The player characters wanted to buy some magic items which were too expensive for Sandpoint’s resources.  So I lined them up with the owner of the magic shop in Sandpoint, who I decided had a contact in Magnimar.  The contact in Magnimar was having trouble and was willing to extend credit to the player characters for magic items upon resolving it. The villains were a cell of dark folk, given permission to harass the merchant and raid Sandpoint by Thelsikar.  They did it because they could.  One of the adventure rumors was the presence of small, dark-clothed creatures who left a bad smell in the air when they left (Dark Creepers).

The players again bypassed the Magnimar plot point and charged straight for the Pit. The dungeon was bog-standard, with dressing reflecting the slovenly lifestyle of Dark Creepers.  They had a harder time dealing with the Dark Stalkers.  They caused a chain explosion when they killed one and its special ability went off.  Lots of damage for the encounter.

Then there was the boss fight, with a Shae.  That was my first time using a creature from my newly acquired copy of Bestiary 3 and I didn’t have a grip on how to use its special abilities.

The adventure outline continued, to describe the next level of the Pit, but the group ran out of game time.  We have four hour sessions available.  The FLGS closes an hour after our end time.

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