Thelsikar’s Ambition: The Depths of the Pit

I have been fascinated by the Pit in Devil’s Platter ever since I read about in the Inner Sea Guide.  So, I created an adventure which is set in the first level of the caves that make up the Pit.  I called it “The Depths of the Pit”.  Imaginative, no?  😉

I added rumors to the introduction of the outline which were all tied to plot lines which had come from earlier adventures.  One of them was the rumor that the attack by the Boggards was part of an inside job.  There was a ladder near the gate, just like the ladder in the early Rise of the Runelords adventure.  I was borrowing Tsuto from Rise of the Runelords for use as a lackey and spy of Thelsikar.  One of the other rumors suggested that Ratfolk had been seen in town, short humanoids in brown robes.  Disgusting Jawas!  😉  Of course, it was actually the Kobold miners, who had taken the initiative to sell their silver ore in town.

The actual introduction to the dungeon was a scene at the Rusty Dragon, where all the introductions had taken place before.  The player characters were living there for free, as suggested by the Beginner Box adventure.  In this scene, the leader of the Kobolds arrived with the head of a Derro, which had been caught in one of the mine’s traps.  This prompted the player characters to ask where the Derro had come from.  The Kobold leader told them it had come in a group from the Pit.

Off to the Pit they went.

The first level dungeon of the Pit was simple.  It was fifteen caves, divided between a Troglodyte lair and a Derro lair.  The Troglodytes were shunning everyone else and were at war with the Derro.  I again used an Otyugh as a garbage disposal in the Trog lair.  The Derro weren’t so sanitary.  In order to try to give the player characters more of a challenge, I used a template and placed an Advanced Giant Scorpion as the treasure vault guard.

I left room for expansion with a guard post that had a stairway which lead deeper down.

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