Thelsikar’s Ambition: Unused Material

There were two adventure outlines I wrote for Thelsikar’s Ambition which I did not use.  One was Serpents of Viperwall.  I had intended to use that adventure to introduce Serpentfolk to the campaign.  Viperwall is a ruin in Varisia.  I thought it would make a cool place for Serpentfolk.  The other was Magic in Magnimar.  The players were interested in obtaining more magic items for their characters, but didn’t have enough gold to do it.  I was deliberately stingy handing out treasure because I was using monsters which didn’t have treasure listed in the Bestiary.  Also, I had problems with writing Monty Haul adventures in other editions of the world’s oldest role-playing game.  (I once even got whined at by a group of players because I created an appropriate treasure hoard which didn’t hand out magic items to every player character.)  The outline for Magic in Magnimar was that one of the magic shop owners in Sandpoint had a contact in Magnimar who was having trouble.  In return for aid, he would extend credit for desirable magic items.  I also thought it might be cool to do an urban adventure set in Magnimar.

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