Thelsikar’s Ambition: March of the Boggards

This adventure was pretty weak.  It was inspired by the Goblin attack that opens Rise of the Runelords.  By late 2014, I had bought the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition and was pillaging it for plot ideas, NPCs and locations.  The adventure itself consists of waves of Boggards, coming a few at a time at the player characters located in the town square.  I bought and printed out the PDF of the Town Square map and used that in play.  The only unusual encounter was at the end, with an evil Druid who lead the Boggards out of a nearby swamp.  The final encounter was with a Vodyanoi observer, who wanted to see where the Boggards went.  The Boggards and the Vodyanoi are natural enemies.  This was the first time I used a creature from a source other than the Bestiary.  Vodyanoi come from Bestiary 3.

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