Theliskar’s Ambition: Thelsikar’s Lab

After the player characters in my campaign discovered and took over the silver mine on the Devil’s Platter, the next adventure introduced the Junk Beach area and the Seven Tooth Goblin tribe.  The background for the adventure was that the Seven Tooth Goblins had been kicked out of their caves by Thelsikar and a Half-Orc mercenary from Belkzen.  This caused the Goblins to move to Junk Beach.  That resulted in Gorvi and his boys not wanting to do their job and dump garbage on the beach.

So Mayor Deverin and a smelly and angry Gorvi asked the player characters to investigate what was going on, on the beach.  They quickly found the Goblins and left them alone after finding out they were harmless, for Goblins.  This lead them to the caves, where they found Thelsikar’s test subjects for his experiments into what makes a creature a monster.  The player characters didn’t figure out the clues to lead to that conclusion.  They killed most of the test subjects, except for two Troglodytes.  They were able to talk to the Trogs, who only wanted to be free.  They sold some Donkey Rat meat and some Giant Frog’s legs to Ameiko at the Rusty Dragon.  In Thelsikar’s Ambition, Ameiko goes out of her way to experiment with cooking.  Her strange dishes were one of the motivations for the player characters to move out of the Rusty Dragon flophouse, despite being able to stay there for free.

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