Advanced Race Guide Experiment

A week ago Friday I added the Advanced Race Guide to my collection of Pathfinder products.  I mostly collect Paizo products, going from oldest to newest, except when I need to fill in content for an adventure.  Tonight I finished skimming the Advanced Race Guide and began experimenting with the Race Builder.

I have had this concept for a race for a while.  I wrote a short story pastiche on H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Out of Time”.  In my version, the Narrator is drawn to Australia while trying to recover from ill health.  He goes to the Western Desert and in the climax of the story, discovers a hidden underground cavern.  It is crowded with the nearly indescribable horror of Evil Intelligent Hexapedal Hairless Darklands Kangaroos who are milling about engaged in strange and unnameable tasks using obscure and eldritch-looking metallic and glass equipment.

Without further delay, I present:

Evil Intelligent Hexapedal Hairless Darklands Kangaroo

Monstrous power level

Type Monstrous Humanoid 3 RP

Size Medium

Normal Speed

Greater Paragon (+4 Int, -2 Str, -2 Wis)  2 RP

Xenophobic:  Kangaroo.  Those with a high Intelligence score may pick Undercommon, Aklo, Infernal or Terran

Advanced Intelligence 4RP

Cat’s Luck 1 RP

Fearless 1 RP

Stability 1 RP

Unnatural 2 RP

Camouflage 1 RP

Cave Dweller 1 RP

Craftsman 1 RP

Deep Magic 3 RP

Envoy 1 RP

Darklands Stalker 4 RP

Jumper 2 RP

Relentless 1 RP

Darkvision 60 feet 2 RP

Light Blindness -2 RP

Vulnerable to Sunlight -2 RP

Multi-Armed 8 RP

34 RP

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