On Why I Write Pathfinder Content

Hokay.  I’m just having my morning coffee, so I’m not all-the-way awake yet.  Still, I have something to get off my mind, so that means I must write.

I write because that’s what I do when I have the option.  It is a passion with me.  I am told I am good at it, by more than one person.  The first thing I do in the morning, even before I brew the morning coffee, is boot up the computer and open the journal file I write.  I keep it open all day and type into it as I’m surfing the Web.  I only close it when I have to shut down the computer or at the end of the day when it’s time to crash.

I write Pathfinder content because the game system engages me and stimulates my creativity more than any system has in the past.  Also, I am part of the Pathfinder game community.  I participate in Facebook pages related to Pathfinder.  I enjoy commenting on other people’s material and making supportive comments to the third-party content creators.  The members of the Pathfinder community, including players, GMs and thirty party content creators have acted cool.  The worst response I have gotten from the community is to ignore my material.  I have never been attacked for posting something.  I want to be a content creator as part of the community.  I hope that I can help other people with my contributions.  I am still learning how to write for and referee Pathfinder, even after three years.  I would like feedback on my efforts so I can create better stuff and participate in game sessions better.

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